Προφυλάξεις για τη λειτουργία του μηχανήματος τοποθέτησης SMT
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SMT placement machine is a kind of intelligent precision equipment. It is not only relatively large in size, but also because of the difficulty of operation. We do not recommend that you directly use the mobile phone without systematic learning. Because many friends have various problems in the process of using the machine. For such accidental operations, Beijing Huawei Guochuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. now provides you with several common precautions for operating SMT placement machines.


1. Understand the instruction labels commonly used in the machine: There are many labels and instructions in the SMT placement machine that we need to understand and master, so that we can correctly input the information about the products we need to mount. The basic operation is not familiar, and it is quite dangerous when using the machine, so learning the basic operation is a work that must be completed


2. Do a good job of power-on inspection: when we turn on and off, we must do sufficient inspection work, such as whether the current machine voltage is the standard voltage, (foreign voltage 110V, domestic voltage 220V) if the voltage does not meet the standard, we A transformer is needed to change the voltage of the placement machine, and certain attention must be paid to the sequence of restarting the machine.


3. Inspection work after doing a good job: Since we often use SMT placement machines, many of the components are easily consumed items, such as nozzles, lenses, lubricants, etc., which are likely to cause placement. An important factor for errors, we need to check these parts after using the concentrator.

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